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Joe Heller Harmonic Evolution | Law of Attunement

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Welcome To An Inspired Journey

Joe Heller, Harmonic Evolution, Teacher

Attunements are the key to ALL healings, spiritual evolution, and ascension. Attuning with natural energies activates the god-force within you. The Law of Attunement is an ascension law transcending the mortal realm. What we know as Ascension is solely measured upon a harmonic scale.

Accident or coincidence? My life forever changed the day I affirmed to the universe to "restore the gifts I have forsaken this lifetime" on my birthday.

Tumbling down this crazy rabbit hole I heard "See Beyond" and instructed to say "YAM"?

What a strange word I thought!?! I decided to Google this crazy word after reciting it for a few weeks. I discovered YAM was a [seed] mantra, a sacred sound originating from the Heart Chakra. Now I needed to Google what a "mantra" was...

I discovered my path was to restore this ancient frequency-based law for human evolution. for the first time in 6,ooo years. Humans would now learn how to access their natural abilities, attune to sacred frequencies becoming one with consciousness. 

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The Law of Attunement is the next ascension step for those [mortals] ready to take this quantum leap and is only open to those willing to Walk Heart First ~ 

Once you access The Law of Attunement, the flow of divine energies and inspiration will elevate you into a new-found life purpose now infused with Soular Energies. You and I are the next step in spiritual evolution creating an emerging global renaissance reimagining our world based on love and harmony in the new millennium.

I was later given the phrase Memento Humani - remember being human for you shall become more! 

Welcome to your awakened luminescence, and enjoy your evolutionary journey ~

Harmonic Evolution Teachings

Joe Heller's Law of Attunement

The Law of Attunement - Your Path To Spiritual Evolution

The Law of Attunement - Hidden in plane sight for millennia, The Law of Attunement teachings offer an evolutionary quickening a quickening of their evolution. This law advances your soul progression attuning you to higher states of consciousness.  This awesome power gives you the ability to transfigure your frequency to walk heart first. If you have ever experienced a synchronicity, then you are on the path to discover the Law of Attunement shared by angelics to evolve, and become more than you can imagine.  
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Joe Heller's Etheric Meditation

Etheric Meditation- The Masters Path

Etheric Meditation - The Masters Path is a gift shared with me by the great masters. This mystic and esoteric meditation goes beyond what is 'typically' allowed in 3D gifting one to experience new realms of existence meeting and learning from masters, teachers human and non-human, those who have incarnated and those who have never incarnated only existing as living energies. This sacred teaching has not been taught on the earth plane for over 2,000+ years, forbidden because of the immense power gifted to the meditator. This teaching has returned to earth at this 'shift point' in our evolutionary cycle. 
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Anthony "Tony" Robbins

Anthony Robbins

Author of Unlimited Power, Awaken The Giant Within

Tony Robbins introduces Joe Heller (on stage with him at an Unlimited Power Workshop)...  Joe is defined as a unique individual who represents 1/10th of 1 percent of the population, a rare individual who is focused on helping
all people rise to new levels of awakening.?