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Learn the Secrets of Harmonic Evolution, The Law of Attunement
Your Path to Actualize Your Evolutionary Potential

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Joe Heller's Harmonic Evolution Podcast goes deep exploring the spiritual realms of consciousness. The origin of Joe's podcast begins with a mantra gifted to him by his guides to "See Beyond". Exploring beyond the veil, unfolding the teachings of our ancestors, priests, monks, gurus, shamans, yogis, mystics, and tribes people of old.

Joe will reveal these wisdom teachings and sacred doctrine from the sound healing to cymatics, esoteric teachings, magick, etymology, numerology, astronomy, astrology, astro-theology, OBE?s, astral travel, Akashic records, symbology, remote viewing, religious secrets, capstones of the pyramids, ancient teachings, mystery schools, channeling, Near-death experiences, accessing DMT, lucid dreaming, sound technology, acoustic levitation, physics and quantum physics, psychotherapy, prayer, psychology, spiritual guides, shared dreaming, , rights of passage, ceremony, invocations, rituals, to the Essenes teachings >> You are the 'essence' of God ~

All from the perspective of what lays beyond what is known, exploring beyond the veil to "See Beyond" guiding you on your evolutionary journey to what lays beyond mortal/human knowing at --

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